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The organisations behind the reporting group

In document SUPPLEMENTARY NGO REPORT (Sider 40-43)

Association for Greenlandic Children (Foreningen Grønlandske Børn)

The Association for Greenlandic Children (AGC) has a vision for all Greenlandic children and young people in Greenland and Denmark to live a dignified life with the opportunity for positive development furthered through a respect for their rights.

Therefore, AGC implements activities that strengthen the resources and skills of Greenlandic children and youth with a focus on children and young people who are particularly

vulnerable. We are engaged in activities in both Greenland and Denmark. AGC's activities are academically sound and endeavor to solve the specific problems that characterize the lives of Greenlandic children and young people in both Greenland and Denmark. We consider

children and young people to be competent contributors and therefore involve them in the projects for the benefit of all parties.

Foreningen Grønlandske Børn, Balders Plads 1, DK-2200 Copenhagen N Tel: +45 35 85 83 30, fgb@fgb.dk www.fgb.dk

Children’s Welfare in Denmark (Børns Vilkår)

Children’s Welfare in Denmark is a private, humanitarian organization working to stop neglect. Children’s Welfare in Denmark makes a special effort to benefit those children who are disadvantaged. The purpose is to ensure that all children can get the help they need and to ensure children’s right to a good childhood and a good life.

Children’s Welfare in Denmark is by the Danish government chosen to be the national carrier of the common European short number 116 111 for child helpline services.

Børns Vilkår, Trekronergade 126 F 2. sal, DK-2500 Valby Tel.: +45 35 55 55 59, bv@bornsvilkar.dk www.bornsvilkår.dk


DIGNITY is a Danish human rights institute, which works with treatment, research,

international development work and advocacy. We are present in more than 20 countries where we cooperate with local partner organisations to fight torture and help torture victims and their families to a better life. DIGNITY works to eradicate torture, abuse and organized violence in Denmark as well as abroad. We do so because we know that torture destroys people, increases violence in society and creates a fundamental sense of insecurity and fear in the countries where torture is used. DIGNITY was one of the first places in the world to offer treatment to torture victims. For more than 30 years, we have been helping torture victims to a better life. On a global scale, we work in politics, law and healthcare to make sure that all torture victims get the necessary treatment.

DIGNITY – Danish Institute Against Torture, Bryggervangen 55, DK-2000 Copenhagen Ø Tel: +45 33 76 06 00, info@dignityinstitute.dk www.dignityinstitute.org

Disabled Peoples Organisation Denmark (Danske Handicaporganisationer - DH) Disabled Peoples Organisation Denmark (DPOD) was founded in 1934 (as “De Samvirkende Invalideorganisationer” – DSI) and has 33 national member organisations representing more than 320,000 persons with disabilities in Denmark. DPOD is the only Danish umbrella

organisation in the disability field.

The principal objective of DPOD is to take care of the common interests of the member organisations.

Danske Handicaporganisationer, Blekinge Boulevard 2, DK-2630 Taastrup, Denmark Tel.: +45 36 75 17 77, dh@handicap.dk www.handicap.dk

Joint Council for Child Issues (Børnesagens Fællesråd)

The Joint Council for Child Issues is a network of 20 social organisations, who work for vulnerable and placed children in Denmark. Together, the organisations cater for the care of more than 500,000 children and youth. The Joint Council for Child Issues was founded in 1903.

The purpose is to cater for the common interests of member organisations who are working with the conditions of disadvantaged children, youth and families, to further voluntary work with a social purpose and to formulate political views relating to

children on a national and on an international level and raise funds to support the work with vulnerable children and youth.

The Joint Council for Child Issues is in favour of incorporation of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child into Danish law.

Børnesagens Fællesråd, Dronningensvej 4, 1., DK-2000 Frederiksberg, Denmark Tel.: +45 24 62 62 29, bf@boernesagen.dk www.boernesagen.dk

Save the Children Denmark (Red Barnet)

Save the Children works in Denmark and in more than 120 other countries. We save

children’s lives. We protect and strengthen them. We fight for their rights. We are the world’s leading independent organisation for children. We provide emergency aid and prevent disasters. We fight violence, abuse and bullying. We ensure schooling, build communities and strengthen children’s resilience. We advocate for positive changes for vulnerable children and encourage debate on the quality of children’s lives. Save the Children Denmark is a

democratic organisation of committed volunteers organised into more than 65 local branches. Volunteers provide children with life changing experiences at holiday camps, on outdoor trips and in local communities. They run second hand shops and lend a hand at the Save the Children collections.

Red Barnet, Rosenørns Allé 12, DK-1634 Copenhagen K, Denmark Tel.: +45 35 36 55 55, redbarnet@redbarnet.dk www.redbarnet.dk

Save the Children Youth Denmark (Red Barnet Ungdom)

Save the Children Youth - Denmark is an independent youth organisation run by young people for young people. As in Save the Children, the work of Save the Children Youth - Denmark is based on the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. Save the Children Youth - Denmark has initiated both national and international projects. The activities cover a wide spectrum but are all characterised by an animated commitment and participation of young people. Save the Children Youth - Denmark is working towards general dissemination of the Convention through concrete projects. Save the Children Youth - Denmark is striving:

o For good conditions for all children

o To ensure that all children are being heard and have contributory influence

Red Barnet Ungdom, Rosenørns Allé 12, DK-1634 Copenhagen K, Denmark

Tel.: +45 35 24 85 42, redbarnetungdom@redbarnetungdom.dk www.redbarnetungdom.dk

Danish National Committee for UNICEF (UNICEF Danmark)

The Danish National Committee for UNICEF is the Danish department of UNICEF. UNICEF is the UN Children’s Foundation and the world’s largest and most influential relief organisation for children. The organisation operates in more than 150 developing countries and in 36 industrialized countries through National Committees within all the areas, which are important to ensure children’s rights to survival and development.

Through its work, UNICEF e.g. ensures that children get a good and healthy start in life, vaccinations against the most dangerous children’s diseases and equal access to education.

The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child plays a central role in the work, and to aid children who are in need of special protection, e.g. children who are subject to violence and abuse is one of the main working areas, which is given the highest priority. Most of the UNICEF funds are allocated to long-term children’s relief. However, UNICEF also provides quick and effective help in emergency situations, because the organization is present when an emergency occurs by means of its network of national offices. The work of UNICEF is solely financed by voluntary donations.

The purpose of UNICEF Danmark is to disseminate the knowledge of the conditions and rights of children, to create an understanding of the work of the organization and to raise funds for this work.

UNICEF Danmark, Marmorvej 51, DK-2100 Copenhagen Ø, Denmark Tel.: +4535273800, amfriis@unicef.dk www.unicef.dk

In document SUPPLEMENTARY NGO REPORT (Sider 40-43)