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Aalborg Universitet Forskning og formidling 2021


Academic year: 2022

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(1)Aalborg Universitet. Forskning og formidling 2021 Årsplakat for Aalborg Universitet Høj, Anne Lyhne; Bennike, Kathrine Bjerg; Stehouwer Øgaard, Lotte; Christensen, Steffen Lind; Vidmar, Søren; Lykke, Anne; Thidemann, Nils; Greve, Anne Marya; Melchiorsen, Poul Meier DOI (link to publication from Publisher): 10.5278/454809667 Creative Commons License CC BY 4.0 Publication date: 2021 Document Version Også kaldet Forlagets PDF Link to publication from Aalborg University. Citation for published version (APA): Høj, A. L., Bennike, K. B., Stehouwer Øgaard, L., (TRANS.), Christensen, S. L., Vidmar, S., Lykke, A., Thidemann, N., Greve, A. M., & Melchiorsen, P. M. (2021). Forskning og formidling 2021: Årsplakat for Aalborg Universitet. https://doi.org/10.5278/454809667. General rights Copyright and moral rights for the publications made accessible in the public portal are retained by the authors and/or other copyright owners and it is a condition of accessing publications that users recognise and abide by the legal requirements associated with these rights. - Users may download and print one copy of any publication from the public portal for the purpose of private study or research. - You may not further distribute the material or use it for any profit-making activity or commercial gain - You may freely distribute the URL identifying the publication in the public portal Take down policy If you believe that this document breaches copyright please contact us at vbn@aub.aau.dk providing details, and we will remove access to the work immediately and investigate your claim.. Downloaded from vbn.aau.dk on: March 24, 2022.

(2) Research & Communication 2021 In 2021, collaboration on solving the challenges of climate change and Covid-19 has been in high demand. Researchers, students and administrative staff at AAU all take part in these efforts where AI plays an important role. AAU makes a difference: According to the UN SDG 7 Sustainable Energy and SDG 13 Climate Action, we are among the most cited universities in the world. Likewise, both the press and ”alternative metrics” reflect a broad interest in the crucial work that takes place at AAU.. Open Access: Alternative metrics per publication 2016-2020. Top 10 mentions per press cutting 2021 Danish press cuttings. social media. captures. Sc i Val. usage. 0,0. 20,0. 40,0. 60,0. 80,0. open. 100,0. closed. 120,0. 140,0. 160,0. 180,0. Source: Pure, PlumX. ur ce :. Over three per cent of AAU’s publications (2016-2020) are among the one per cent most cited in the world in terms of UN SDG 7: Affordable and Clean Energy. So. Department Mentions. Covid-restriktioner forlænges. DCM. 140. Ekspert ikke i tvivl: Ministers lift af Hjemmeværnet er ulovligt. LAW. 117. Forsker om strejkevarsel: Regeringen kan gøre forskellen. DPS. 82. Smerter ved COVID-19 er fløjet under radaren. HST. 78. Lektor om Netanyahus afgang: En revolution og et kæmpe skridt. DPS. 75. Sygeplejerskers konflikt på vej til at blive historisk lang. DPS. 72. Nu åbnes der for ansøgninger til Arne-pensionen. DPS. 69. Antallet af indlagte er på sit laveste i fire måneder. HST/DCM. 66. Delta øger risiko for indlæggelse. BIO. 64. Eksperter dumper beregninger: Energiø kan udløse kæmpe milliardunderskud. AAUBS. 64 Source: Pure. AAU press categories. PhD theses. SDG 13 – Climate Action. CENTER “AI for the People” – keywords. Count of clipp_id by Press Category. 4%. 100. 2%. 50. Other. 1%. 0. 0% 2017. 2018. Dtu. au. 2019. aau (top 1%). ku (top 1%). 2020 Dtu (top 1%). 2021 au (top 1%). 0. 50. 100. phD. Source: SciVal. Source: Pure (autumn 2021). 150. 200 industrial phD. 250. 300. article particular optimal applied voltage hearing semantic mortality stimulation. 350. Source: AAU PhD and Pure. Source: Pure (abstracts and titles). org. 225 (29.88%). SDG 6 - Clean Water and Sanitation. 2020. 2021. 0.0. 2016. 2017. 2018. 2019. SDG 17 - Partnerships for the Goals. Aalborg University Business School. Department of Architecture, Design an…. Department of Clinical Medicine. Department of Computer Science. Department of Electronic Systems. Department of Law. Department of Mathematical Sciences. Department of Politics and Society. AAU Energy. Department of Chemistry and Bioscience. Department of Communication and Ps…. Department of Culture and Learning. Department of Health Science and Technology. Department of Materials and Production. Department of Planning. Department of Sociology and Social Work. Department of the Built Environment. 2020. Source: Pure, bfi.fi.dk. PhD Student. Associate Professor. Assistant Professor. Professor. : jo ce r u So. 0%. bio. builD. cl. cReate. cs. Dcm. Dcp. Dps 2016. 2017. es 2018. hst 2019. law. math. mp. plan. socsci. aau energy. tap. SDG 14 - Life Below Water SDG 15 - Life on Land. 10%. tap. na. SDG 13 - Climate Action. SDG 16 - Peace, Justice and Strong Institut… 2019. 0.5. ur. 47. SDG 12 - Responsible Consumption and Pr…. student. SDG 11 - Sustainable Cities and Communiti…. Others Comment/debate. 20%. tap. 57. Others Book 1.00. student. SDG 10 - Reduced Inequalities. 1.00 Poster. Others Anthology. 30%. tap. 60. 1.0. 21 (2.79%). tap. SDG 9 - Industry, Innovation, and Infrastruc…. 15 journals: 206.000 PDFviews in 2020. 1.00 Journal article. Conference article in Jou…. 42 (5.58%). tap. SDG 8 - Decent Work and Economic Growth. 1.00 Conference article in Journal. Conference abstract in p…. student. SDG 7 - Affordable and Clean Energy. 67. 45 39 38. 40%. tap. 68. 1.5. BFI Points per FTE. 70. 1.00 Conference abstract in proceed. Conference abstract in jo…. 7 (0.93%) 39 (5.18%). 50%. SDG 5 - Gender Equality. 1.00 Conference abstract in journal. Conference abstract for …. student. SDG 4 - Quality Education. Male. tap. 86. Female. 60%. student. SDG 3 - Good Health and Well-being. BFI Points per FTE by Year and Gender. Gender. 1.00 Conference abstract for confere. Comment/debate. tap. SDG 2 - Zero Hunger. 1.00 Book chapter. Article in proceeding Book chapter. student. 119. 238 (31.61%). Book. tap. SDG SDG 1 - No Poverty. 1.00 Article in proceeding. AAU publications co-authored by students and/or administrative staff. BFI-point by gender ratio AAU PhD students. student. Count of Publication by Year and SDG. . Anthology. student. Department of Politics and Society. PublicationTypeTop Publication Type. column. student. Department of Materials and Production. AAU publications per SDG. 5 (0.66%) 4 (0.53%). tap. Department of Electronic Systems. Department of Planning. 10 (1.33%). 9 (1.2%). student. Department of Communication and Psychology. Department of Law. Department of the Built Environment. Count of Publication by column. tap. Department of Architecture, Design and Media Technology. Department of Sociology and Social Work. student. Department of Culture and Learning. Department of Mathematical Sciences. student. AAU Energy. Department of Clinical Medicine. Department of Health Science and Technology. au.d k. Department of Computer Science. ls.a. Department of Chemistry and Bioscience. Source: Pure. Aalborg University Business School. tap. ku. controlsystem. 2016. student. aau. time. tap. 2016. 22.71%. data. 2017. student. Debate. 3%. patients. 2018. tap. General mention. 5%. student. Business cooperation. 9.07%. 150. learning. tap. Knowledge collaboration. 6%. 2019. student. Research 45.69%. 7%. 200. systems. tap. 6.19%. # of publications. Press Category Opinion. 8%. student. 6.1%. measures. science tool overall efficient performed video travel practice challenges measurements experimental scale online onset industry cost strategy services designed linear framework experiments temporal loss graph water disease development term public literature estimation game rate project years technologies care datasets techniques increase function activities health production space implementation dataset networks domain task change multi power privacy channel images increased parameters design conditions algorithm medical need point future traffic quality risk range total energy global speech age information machine life higher response decision line support work features order ci population achieve technology treatment neural analysis query process structure classification deep processing level reduction tools business state value pain levels image cases empirical interaction participants network field way real compared efficiency patient test outcomes graphs increasing potentialrobot social openuser human training four monitoring digital innovation strategies et physical communication impact art set algorithms service tasks simulation spatial identify complex noise developed world improve area performance mean knowledge users routing clinical distributed vision management small effect current computer applications provide context detection people local individual environment accuracy index effectiveness recent points terms practical. 2020. aaubs. 2020. Source: Pure. DOI: 10.5278/454809667. 9% 250. objective. obtained. 10%. publications in top 1% most cited (%). 5.83%. 300. 4.4%.




We would very much like to be able to show citations from Google Scholar in Pure and the VBN portal, as it has better coverage than Scopus in some disciplines?. However, this is

Copyright and moral rights for the publications made accessible in the public portal are retained by the authors and/or other copyright owners and it is a condition of

Copyright and moral rights for the publications made accessible in the public portal are retained by the authors and/or other copyright owners and it is a condition of

Copyright and moral rights for the publications made accessible in the public portal are retained by the authors and/or other copyright owners and it is a condition of

Forfatter: Lill Rastad Bjørst og Anne Merrild Hansen Forlag: AAU Arctic og Aalborg Universitet.. Layout: Lea Rathnov, Hofdamerne Korrekturlæser: Anja

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