The history of Horsens

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The beginning - a myth.



900 – 1500 The Middle Ages

city bank/moat

Town gate


1500 – 1700 The Renaissance


Old map from 1675

(Morten Resen)


1700 – 1800 The Baroque


Old map of Horsens 1858.


1800 – 1900 The new classical period


After 1900


The town trip


The monastery church.

Franciscan monastery from 1261 - 1532


The epitafium of (Hansen) Lichtenberg in the monastery church


The Saviours church 1225, have changed name, from the earlier name Sct. Jacobs chapel.

Originally the church was a` chapel for the king Valdemar the conqueror.


The Flensburg`s establishment for widows.

The previous mayor Andreas Flensburg, build this very nice classical building for 8 widows in 1786


Skt. Joseph church.

The katolic church.

There is a big

population of katolics in Horsens

Neo Gothic 1896/97


Multistorey house 1912

Build by the famous (at least in Horsens) VIGGO NORN


Søndergade and Smedegade (South Street and Blachsmiths Road) were centers for horse trading in the old days

To day Smedegade is a very well restored street.


The new theatre.

Bob Dylan, Robbie Williams, Joe Cocker, tom Jones and many others have performed here.


Cosy places!!


Cosy places!!


Nice and interesting



On this spot the famous explorer Vitus Bering was born 1681


The broadest mainstreet in Denmark,

(because of the horse market, in the old times.)

Every year in late August this street is a part of the largest mideval- festival in

northern europe.


The mansion of Lichtenberg.

The builders name originally was

Gerhardt Hansen a very commen

danish sirname.

But mister Hansen borrowed the king some money and he ended op to be a nobel man ”De Lichtenberg”.


Nice interior.


The old wine cellar!!

(it a bar/restaurant to day).


The old town hall 1855


The new town hall 1981-86


The local newspaper

”Horsens folkeblad”.

The office is placed in this very nice funkis building from 1937.


A` pharmacy is placed in this very wonderfull

baroque building

from 1736


Behind the pharmacy the local brewery is placed.

And the master brewer will show us around.


The show room!!




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