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Electric Road Systems: Business and governance perspectives


Academic year: 2022

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Electric Road Systems:

Business and governance perspectives

Stefan Tongur, PhD

Senior Researcher – Research Institutes of Sweden

Business Development Manager – ElectReon AB Trafikdage, 27 Aug Aalborg


Petrol station

Road Truck: Diesel engine


Power grid and stations

Power transfer technology

Road Truck: ERS power-train Truck: ERS powertrain


Electric road system, ERS

Tongur & Engwall, 2014

A transition to ERS challenges established

System interfaces


Funding and business models


Evolution of ERS

Conductive rail, 1881 Overhead lines 1882

Inductive power transfer 1891



The need for new business models?

Source: Psysics World


ERSO (ERS Operator) –

the actor that connects

ERS users with suppliers


Research questions

1. How could ERSOs role be analysed in a small-scale ERS deployment?

2. How could ERSOs role be analysed in a large-scale ERS deployment?



ERSOs role in small-scale ERS deployment



Who is ERSO?

• Suppliers of power transfer technology

• Vehicle OEMs offering vehicle as a service (VaaS)

• Energy suppliers that offer subscriptions to users and possibly also energy receivers



ERSOs relationship with suppliers?

• Strong relationship with one ER provider and one/two energy providers

• Payment for ERS usage

• Simplified access control and metering



ERSOs relationship with users?

• Important developing relationships with local goods owners

• Collaboration between haulage companies and goods owners

• Ensuring availability of electric supply and attractive services



ERSOs role in large-scale ERS deployment



Who is ERSO?

• ERSOs from different sectors

• Competition on a mature and standardized ERS market

• Differentiation through unique business models



ERSOs relationship with suppliers?

• Relationship with multiple ERS suppliers and owners over different regions

• Standardized contracts and metering systems to allow for roaming

• Facilitating interoperability between different ERS alternatives



ERSOs relationship with users?

• ERSOs compete on a market to attract users, mainly forwarding market

• Focused on multimodal transportation

• Integration with other disruptive technologies such as

autonomous transportation



Implications for Denmark

• ERS an important element of a wider system-of-systems when planning for transport electrification

• Join ongoing collaboration on ERS between Germany – Sweden

• Create conditions for investments in ERS infrastructure and vehicles



RISE Research Institutes of Sweden



Thank you!

Stefan Tongur, PhD

Senior Researcher, RISE +46 (0) 704 182 065


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Stefan Tongur, PhD Business Development



+46 (0) 704 182 065


• The world’s first wireless electric road system for cars, buses, and trucks on public roads

• The longest wireless ERS in the world

• The world’s first wireless electric road system demonstrated at highway speed

• The first battery electric articulated truck Sweden (dragbil)

• The first super-cap bus in Sweden


Smartroad Gotland will demonstrate…




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