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Stochastic Model Checking

by Marta Kwiatkowska, Gethin Norman, David Parker

Section 4: Model Checking Continuous Time Markov Chains The CTMC Model


Subsection 4.1: Paths and Probability Measures of Paths Paths


Cylinder sets


Probability measure (on paths)


Subsection 4.2: Steady-State and Transient Behaviour

We just introduced path probabilities in Subsection 4.1 We now introduce two additional notions:

- transient probabilites - steady state probabilities

Transient probability:


Steady-state probability:


Subsection 4.3: Continuous Stochastic Logic (CSL) Syntax




Derived Operators (actually definitions)

Transient probabilities can be expressed using steady state:




Subsection 4.5: CTMC and CSL with Rewards

Introducing rewards (or costs) give us the ability to determine quantitative aspects of the behaviour of systems.

A reward structure for a CTMC D=(S,s,R,L) has two components:

the state reward (or cumulative reward) gives the cost of staying in a given state measured per time unit

the transition reward (or instantaneous or impulse reward) gives the cost of a transition from one state to another

This definition is almost as for DTMC and PCTL.


Example Reward Structures


Extensions of CSL with Rewards Syntax






Subsection 4.4 (& 4.5): CSL Model Checking (with rewards) The overall process is as for PCTL - but details differ and will not be covered here

Simple Example: Model Checking on C

observe that the formula does not talk about real-time hence the formula can be modelled checked using the embedded DTMC emb(C)


Subsection 4.6: Complexity of CSL Model Checking




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